Booster Meeting Minutes 1/13/2016

Booster Meeting Minutes – 1/13/2016


Finances – Mike went over finances YTD.  Everything seems to be right on track with the exception of one minor discrepancy as far as Bingo.  Expenses didn’t appear to be correct and he will look into that to see if there is any issues.

Over on food budget by approximately $600.

Calendar Review – Looking at March 5th and 12th events that will require volunteer efforts to cover events for both Winter Guard and Winter Percussion.  Both will be put up on  Everyone was reminded to keep an eye on the website for calendar information.

Bingo – Mike said we still need to get a minimum of 4 Games Managers fully trained by end of March or we face the possibility of losing that fundraiser, or at the very least, giving up one of the days.  Sundays are equally as important as Fridays as it affects Must-Go’s.

  • Carrie Brestel is doing well with her training. Michelle McCarthy is learning cashier duties.
  • How do we get kids to commit to working Bingo? State says money has to be equally divided among students regardless of who works more hours.
  • Funds pay Orchestra staff and a scholarship. Should they be helping the Bingo fundraiser?
  • Should Charter be revised?
  • April is the next Must-Go.

Board Positions – Need to find new President.  Mike and Joan will be senior parents.  Bylaws state that a senior parent cannot be President.

  • Also need Head Games Manager, Uniforms and Food chairpersons.

Volunteer Needs – March 5th and March 12th.

Old/New Business

  • Old: Taxes are filed for 2015 and 2014. 2013 was never done-Kristin will send that statement in as well. It shouldn’t be a problem because we don’t pay taxes, therefore there’s no interest.
  • Uniform budget is currently at $54,747. Mr. Ewing is coming up with design for new uniform in which we should receive sample uniform a month after it’s finalized. Looking at having new uniforms by sometime in August.
    • New: Need a committee for Banquet ideas. Also looking into Banquet payments to be done through Volunteerspot OR 2 people to collect the money and create list.  People showed up to Banquet last year that said they paid but were not on the list.
    • CDOT inspection on truck has already been handled by Christy.

Next Booster Board meeting scheduled for Feb. 3rd at 6pm.


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