7/16/15 Board Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Mike and Joan Sandoval, Beth and Jim Sale, Christy and Sean Senecaut, Kristin Sesko, Lisa Henkel, Linda Langemeier, Judy Clayburg, Christine Crowley

Calendar Review

August Board meeting will be held at the Sale home on Wednesday Aug. 12th at 6:30pm (Beth and Jim will send address for meeting)

Parent meeting at school at 4pm

All agreed hold board meeting the 2nd Wed. of each month at the school with the parent meeting directly following.  6pm board meeting 7pm parent meeting (Starting in September)

WGI Color Guard Regional – $2500-$3000 fund raiser (usually comes to us in two checks)

Mike to contact Carol Bickerton to gather past info and contact names and numbers

Start getting volunteer requests out, the earlier the better

Budget Discussion

Budget was reviewed and updated for this season – copy in email attachments

Mike will discuss budget with Ewing – who covers what, what his budget covers what boosters cover

Pit orchestra staff monies (1500) added to staff line item

New uniforms and props- new line item added to budget


Kristen will provide update from Kurt on section leader follow through on Bingo to send to Mr. Ewing

How do we increase participation?

Let parent know they are welcome and needed

Provide an understanding of the process to alleviate the mystery around it

Do a Bingo social –  as a group attend a bingo session run by another group and actually

play bingo to see what it is all about

Add pictures to parent presentation and maybe a bingo game throughout the meeting

Make it a contest with a good prize by section. Most participants by section will win

Working a bingo session could count toward practice log hours or possibly extra credit in class (mike to talk to ewing)

Frequent worker punch card. One punch per session. work XX sessions an get a prize

Contest by sections – most pickles sold, most attendance etc.

Games Manager

Try to get one games mgr per sections – this would decrease the frequency of sessions each games mgr. would have to work

Lisa will continue to work on Ron Hopp to see if he is interested

Mike Sandoval has taken the training and sent in paperwork


Uniforms are at cleaners now

August 6th and 7th for fittings. Having a sewing machine available is helpful. Setting up in room with door is helpful

New kids  get measured and items are ordered from separate company

Ewing is working on show shirts

Beth Sale will provide volunteer list to Linda L to contact

We need to start recruiting new leads since our current leaders are Senior parents

Linda L will work on setting up teams of people to help during competitions and games


Judy Benjamin has backed out as food lead

Christine Crowley has agreed to take this on and will handle all food related items. Festivals, competitions, etc.

Christine cannot cover band camp week and would prefer NOT to do  Football game days but could do something simple if needed (ie. Pizzas)

Email sent to Peggy Brinkhuis to see if she would coordinate band camp week

Taco bar

Pasta bar

Beth will send Christine list of names interested in helping

Will provide Christine’s email address to parents at meeting for questions

Make sure kids know they cannot leave campus during camp and that parent’s can bring food to them.

Kristin Sesko will speak with Kurt to see if he is interested in planning band bbq on 8-8

If this happens – boosters will donate meat and buns and then pot luck by section; desserts, drinks, side salad, condiments etc.

Possibly bring in popsicles or ice cream or fruit on hot band camp days

Parent meetings

Sign up sheets at Parent meeting – Jim Sale will print off large poster size signup sheets to hang around the auditorium for people to provide contact information for areas they are interested in. Bingo, games mgr, pit push, equipment maintenance, uniforms, food prep and serve, truck driver, adopt a parent, desserts, jr. board member,  fund raisers, color guard, chaperones,

Social gatherings for new parents – seasoned parents can invite new parents and students to dinner, happy hour, etc. to help ease any concerns

Break up parent meetings into sections – pit, flutes, brass, percussion etc to aid in meeting people in your child’s section – need to make seating signs

Provide names of the staff

Hand out copies of welcome powerpoint so parents can take notes and have info in hand

Adopt a parent – once roster is complete, the list will be separated by section and each board member will contact people to ease concerns

Overall discussion

Buses for State competition are ordered

Hotels are booked, Lisa is continuing search for better seating/food area

Comfort suites – all doubles, 6 king rooms for instructors, couple of suites

Make sure that people understand that the Booster group is more than just Marching Band

Include freshmen and drama kids, orchestra

What would you like to see?

More participation from parents  – make sure they know they are needed and welcom

Instead of talking about all the work and time, spin it in positive light – spend time with kids, see the progress they are making and all the new friends,

Mr. Ewing and teachers attend a session or two of Bingo – Just to be part of the group and lead by example

Organized group seating at competitions so entire band family can sit and root together

Fanware –  shirts, hats, hoodies, sweats that people can purchase to support the band – Linda L will look into this.

Hot chocolate night at a game with cold weather


Volunteerspot.com to coordinate all of our volunteer needs –$ 210.00 for up to 500 subscribers

Reach out drama kids to cover Bingo during football games and State competition


Trailer repairs, truck maintenance and paint touch up, and build a water cart, build new sound cart w/generator side car

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