8/12/15 Board Meeting Minutes

2015-16 DRIMB Board Meeting

Meeting Agenda

12 August 2015

  1. Calendar Review
    1. Regular Meeting Schedule – Board and Booster – Where and when each month
      1. Board Meeting will be 2nd Wednesday of each month in the band room at 6pm
      2. Booster meeting will be at 7pm following the board meeting
    2. Upcoming events – volunteer needs
      1. Two parent volunteers needed on 9-21 from 4pm-9pm to help run Jeffco Festival event. These two parent volunteers will not be able to watch the event, they will be busy running for judges, selling tickets, manning the gates etc.
    3. WGI color guard regional on March 12th, 2016. Contacted
      1. Mike contacted Carol Bickerton for details. More to come regarding needs for this event
    4. Bingo
      1. Ewing requested updated on how well the section leaders are following through with bingo
        1. Kurt Sesko feels that the section leaders are ramping it up and now that school has started we should see an improvement in Bingo Worker attendance
          1. The students need some instruction on using Volunteerspot.com
        2. Participation – how do we increase sign up?
          1. Original idea was to use punch cards and “reward” students for showing up Band Student Leadership came up with alternate idea
          2. New idea – drop a ticket for each working participant into a bucket and do a drawing each month, semester, year. Kristen Sesko was going to work on the rules for the raffle
  • Suggestion was made to give students an extra ticket to students who actually sign up and show up and only one ticket for those who show up and didn’t sign up
  1. Games managers – info and links sent to Hopps, Collins, so far.
    1. There are additional people interested in becoming Games Managers and once Mike receives the updated roster list from Beth, more information will be sent out.
  2. Uniform Discussion
    1. Update?
      1. There was a great turnout to measure and Kristen was incredible. Only a few more students to measure.
    2. Food Discussion
      1. BBQ this weekend
        1. BBQ and Parent’s meeting was successful
      2. Parent Meeting
        1. Sign up sheet ready?
          1. Sign up sheets were a big hit. Had several people sign up on each sheet.
          2. Each team lead can contact help and get the ball rolling
  • Need to start prepping non-senior parents to take the lead on the teams
  1. com
    1. Successfully demonstrated and everyone seemed to understand how to use it.


  1. State Competition
    1. Senior Circle – need to find a place to accommodate the group.
      1. This was tabled at this time
      2. Mike and Lisa H. Discussed and a few phone calls were made. One to find out how much more a different hotel that can accommodate our group would cost and another to get a cost of renting a tent, tables, chairs, lights and heaters to be set up in the parking lot or grass area.
  • More to come. . .
  1. Volunteer Needs
    1. Website Administrator
      1. Mr. Ewing does all the updates to the site.
      2. Cricket Harris volunteered to do this. Mike will send Mr. Ewing her contact information.
    2. Bike Rack ??? to transport bikes to and from events – some costs were collected.
      1. After speaking to an expert at Rack Attack the cost to add a bike rack to the trailer would be around $2300. However, he thought the weight of the bikes was too much for the top of trailer.
      2. Mike and Joan will volunteer their truck with the help of Bret Cottrell to purchase a rack for the trailer hitch and construct a rack for inside the bed to accommodate all of the bikes. Cost: less than $500.
    3. Any New or Old Business to Discuss
      1. Instructors at Bingo
        1. Mike asked Mr. Ewing to talk to his team to see if they would be willing to show up at some bingo sessions throughout the season just to show the students some support. They will not have to stay the entire session but show up and talk to the kids and sell some pickles.
      2. Taxes-
        1. Taxes have not yet been filed but they need to be in order to keep our 501C3 status intact.
        2. Kristen Sesko will give Christy S. a tax lawyer’s name to get the process started.
      3. Spirit Wear
        1. Linda L. brought several samples for us to review. Great choice of items and pricing is not too bad. Great job putting this together. There were several orders placed and several order forms taken during the parent meeting/BBQ.
      4. Photo Buttons
        1. Photos will be taken at the 1st football game on the 17th of September. Then the buttons can be created. Linda has all of the materials for this project.
      5. Next Meeting Date and Time
        1. September 9th, 6pm in the band room

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