Board Meeting Minutes 10-14-2015

  1. Budget Review
    1. Items purchased, ie; new sound card, bike racks, bike tires, etc. came out of Booster budget.
    2. Fundraiser was enough to pay for show shirts and guard uniforms.
    3. Christy: 10 people still need to pay Marching Band Fees.
    4. Bylaws on Spending: Ok with cash flow and balance.
      1. Beth: A process is needed for budget-to purchase items and submit receipts.
    5. Update on uniform funds.
      1. Currently there is $53,742 in uniform fund. (Est. uniforms approx.. 50k.)
      2. Kristen: If we want new uniforms for next year, need to start now.
        1. Action: Kristen will look on line for estimates.
      3. Calendar Review
        1. State Competition 10/23-10/24

Opted to use meeting room at hotel for meal and Senior Circle.

Mr. Ewing working on room list.

  1. Senior Recognition

Need volunteer to purchase flowers for Senior Recognition.

Steve Eaton and Mitchell Brinkhuis will do photos.

To be done on November 5 or October 29?? Opted for October 29 after concert for band. Reception afterward.  Rehearsal is 3 – 4:30.

  1. Bingo
    1. Games Managers

Ron Hopp began learning(not sure if training is complete)

Carrie Brestel is also learning the position.

Carol Morris also volunteered.

Kristen S. will make phone calls to those that expressed interest since the emails have not received a response.

Kristen: Some schools allow fees for students to be lower for working bingo??

Need to break link on music web page so people don’t sign up there.

  1. Raffle for students
    1. Didn’t work to draw students in. Neither did Section Leader promotion.
  2. Coverage for Football games/State Finals

Football games will need to be covered by parents and the decision was made to give away the Friday Session the weekend of State but the following Sunday session will still need covered.

  1. Chair Person/Board Members
    1. As season progresses look for individuals that are outgoing and willing to help
      1. Need to fill Uniforms position for next year. Possibly co-chair some positions.
      2. Beth and Peggy have spent a lot of time, including work time to plan meals.
  • Christine planning State meals.
  1. Volunteerspot
    1. Should we take off of facebook to direct people to go to Volunteerspot?
      1. Opted to keep it because the link allows volunteers to view all sign-up spots.
      2. Some volunteers don’t sign up and show up to push pit so they get in free. (easiest position to fill) Needs to be more controlled.
    2. State Competition
      1. Need information on meds, allergies, any special needs for students.
      2. Kids may not leave rooms at night, doors will be taped after Senior circle.
      3. Hotel is Comfort Suites on Frontage Rd.



  1. New or Old Business to Discuss

Old Business


Only about 10 students have not turned in $300 fees.



New Business


Will have Taco Bar at Bingo Must-Go.


Band room decorations to be done Saturday, October 17 at 10:00 a.m.





Wreaths – Beth emailed fundraiser to last years’ Winter Percussion group

Chocolate Bars – January

Butter Braids – March

Garlic Knot : 11/3/15 – $10 all you can eat and drink, the will give back 50% of total spent. Should we have school secretary send email to feeder schools?

Barnes and Noble – 11/17/15 – Need details but Jazz band will perform



Next Meeting Date and Time – 11/11/15 6pm

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