Board Meeting Minutes 9-9-15

2015-16 DRIMB Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2015

  1. Budget Review
    1. With success of online fund raiser should we decrease budget for Uniform/props
      1. Online fund raiser to cover props and additional uniform items?

Question will be asked of Mr. Ewing

  1. Question on purchasing items – Is there an amount that the board has to approve?

Mike will review Bylaws – just want to make sure we are doing things correctly.

  1. Calendar Review
    1. Football games – Bingo Coverage/Food

Peggy will work with Beth to get things set up and make sure there are enough volunteers Pizza, drinks and salad is planned

  1. Festivals – Do we need chaperones for the festivals? Volunteer spot items?

This item is on already

  1. Senior Recognition – Flowers, Pictures, 10/9 Football Game?

This will happen at the Nov. 5th Football Game at halftime- Marching Band Seniors only – Mitchell Brinkhuis and Conner Eaton’s Parents to take Senior Photos


Need someone to purchase roses for Seniors (will need a count)


  1. State Competition – Bingo Coverage, Start asking for Chaperones now? already set up for this

  1. WGI color guard regional on March 12th, 2016. Info received from Carol B
    1. Looking for lead person

Rachel Runs has volunteered to head this up. Mike will send her info from Carol Bickerton

  1. Bingo
    1. Section leaders need to fill bingo spots

Kurt Sesko will work with section leaders make this happen.

  1. Raffle for students – rules review for workers and pick start date
    1. When to roll out to students – Can Kurt Sesko do that?

Kurt S will roll out rules to students will start right away and make it retro back to start of September

  1. Games managers – Need to follow up. Mike has sent two emails with info but has not heard back from anyone. Ron Hopp has started training.

Kristen S. will make phone calls to those that expressed interest since the emails have not received a response



  1. Coverage for Football games/State Finals

Football games will need to be covered by parents and the decision was made to give away the Friday Session the weekend of State but the following Sunday session will still need covered.

  1. Chair Person/Board Members
    1. As season progresses look for individuals that are outgoing and willing to help
    2. Start grooming them to take over your spot if you are a senior parent

Do your best to help get new parents involved and possibly create notebook of responsibilities that can be used to train a new person.

  1. Food Discussion
    1. Upcoming football games – Need help? Already Covered?

See #3d above

  1. State Competition
    1. Senior Circle – need to find a place to accommodate the group.
    2. Can Senior Circle be done at a different time?
    3. If we cannot find meeting place, we may need alternative food venue.

Lisa feels like we should be able to make it work inside hotel. She may take a trip up to Ft. Collins to check it out. However, hotel is okay with us getting a tent set up just need to decide if the cost is worth it. The most reasonable rate was around $1200 for set up on 10/23 and tear down on 10/24 this includes Tent, Tables and Chairs for 100 people, heaters and lights.


  1. Volunteer Needs
    1. What do we need help with?

Jeffco Festival – Rachel R. and Mike Sandoval will tag team the other volunteer spot for the Jeffco Festival


  1. New or Old Business to Discuss

Old Business


Only about 10 students have not turned in $300 fees.


Spirit Wear orders were placed, around $2000 of items were ordered. Not really one big selling item but a         variety of items were ordered.  Thank you to Linda Langemeier.


New Business


New uniform tops cost about $105 per student, Mr.  Ewing’s fund raiser should cover. He made mention that Booster may have to make initial payment depending on when he gets funds from Fund Raising company.


Pictures for Band Buttons will be taken at the 9/17 Football Game. Need to send Mr. Ewing a reminder.


A request for a 2nd Debit card was made to help with food purchases for Football games.


Bikes need to be present at the 9/17 and 10/9 Football games – Mike and Joan to transport


Kristen Sesko and Christy Senecaut have been working through the 2014 Taxes and made great progress. A couple of questions on mission statement and other items still to be confirmed. Then we should be caught up.


Send Bylaws to Kristen – Mike will do this.


Next Must go will be Friday October 30th – all hands on deck.


Two fund raisers coming up that we need to advertise

Garlic Knot : 11/3/15 – $10 all you can eat and drink, the will give back 50% of total spent

Barnes and Noble – 11/17/15 – Need details but Jazz band will perform


Question was asked about possibility of getting on to the field for photos – Discussion was had and conclusion was that it was possible at the Football games and dress rehearsals at school but not at the competitions.


March 19th, 2016 – Possibility of an RMPA show being held at Dakota. Mr. Ewing has school reserved in case this becomes a reality.


  1. Next Meeting Date and Time – 10/14/15 6pm Choir Room

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