Booster Board Meeting Minutes 11/11/2015

Board Minutes – 11/11/2015


Budget Review:

  • Marching Band fees collected: 92%. Christy will follow up one more time with parents that still owe.  Question: Can we apply to school accounts?  Ewing says we can.  Other possibilities to collect, don’t allow the students that still owe to play in Winter Percussion.
  • Bingo – halfway through fiscal year, at 51% of budgeted amount.
  • Total expenses at 54%, Total income at 53%.

Calendar Review:

  • Rachel is in charge of WGI and will need to recruit volunteers to help with the event.
  • Fall Instrumental Concert – 11/18 – need 2 volunteers to sell tickets.


  • Still need Games Managers – ask people if they’re interested. Carrie will contact those who expressed interest at the beginning of Marching Band season.
  • Need to pick winners for student raffle.
  • Committee is needed to discuss and determine rewarding volunteers for Bingo.

Board Members – Vacating positions and Backfilling:

  • We need to start thinking about which positions are going to be vacated in June and who would like to be nominated for those positions.
  • Begin “grooming” volunteers.


  • Volunteerspot has run its test phase and was successful. It will likely be more successful in the future since people are getting used to it and since the other sign up link on DR website has been broken. (Some were still using it to sign up during the season.)

Old Business:

  • Taxes – Kristin working on them. She said they will be done before the end of the year.
  • RMPA Regionals – Amanda said March 5th is a good date to host regionals for Winter Percussion at Dakota Ridge. She would like to do fundraisers and possibly take some Bingo nights to raise money to help fund Winter Percussion.

New Business:

  • Banquet:
  • Holiday Inn at Wadsworth and Hampden has been booked for Banquet on Saturday, May 7th, 2016.
  • Beth may be able to set up a pay site with Volunteerspot to better track how many are going and who has paid.
  • Do cut-outs from pictures again to decorate tables?
  • Need to establish a Banquet committee to come up with ideas.
  • Mitchell and Roger to put together slide show?
  • Guard and Winter Percussion:
  • We have and increase of interested students this year.
  • Amanda is doing auditions for kids from 3 schools.
  • The cost can potentially be $1700 per student without the help of the Boosters.
  • Amanda would like to do fundraisers including; Bingo, Go-Fund-Me, etc.
  • $40-50K budget for possibly up to 40 kids.

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