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DRIMB Booster Meeting Minutes 4.2.14

DRIMB Booster Meeting Minutes                            4/2/14

The meeting was called to order by Lisa Henkel (DRIMB Booster President) at 7:00 pm

Treasurer Report – Cindy O’Hara

Cindy was not able to be at the meeting, but submitted a report.  Lisa Henkel reviewed the financial status with the group.

End of Year Banquet

May 10, 2014 – Crystal Rose on County Line – $25.00 tickets

Mail and e-mail invites will be going out by the end of this week.

Thank you to Lisa Henkel, Rosina Henshaw, Christine Ives, Julie McCool, Christy Senecaut, Blair Bickerton, Monica Dubois, and Delaney Santoro for helping to plan this event.

Doors will open at 6:00 pm, with dinner served at 6:30 pm.  Presentations and awards will be given out after dinner.  Dress is semi-formal.

Senior Tribute – Chai Hall is putting together a video presentation.  Thank you Chai for all your work!

Senior Scholarships – Applications are due April 4th.  Christine Crowley, Lisa Dubois, and Christy Senecaut have volunteered to review the scholarship applications.  Thank you!

Senior Baskets – Information coming soon… Seniors will be completing a survey to help determine what the baskets will look like this year.

Chaperones – all details/times regarding spring events are posted on the DRIMB website calendar.

We still need orchestra parents to volunteer for April 16, 2014 – CHSAA orchestra festival.  Thank you, Laura Romig for volunteering.  We still need one more parent.

We need one more parent for the April 24-26 orchestra trip to Grand Junction.  Thank you, Michelle Dow for volunteering.  We still need one more parent.

Graduation  -May 23, 2014 – Bellco Theater (It’s inside!)– We need three more parents to volunteer for this event.  Thank you, Laura Romig for volunteering.

DRIMB Elections

As per DRIMB bylaws, we will accept nominations tonight for Board positions, and then vote in May at the next booster meeting.


President – Lisa Henkel

Vice President – Christine Ives

Secretary – Judi Clayburg

Treasurer – Christy Senecaut

Assistant Treasurer – Diana Cunningham

Head Games Manager – Kristin Sesko

Non-Board positions:

Food Coordinator – Maggie Foley

Fund Raiser Coordinator – Kathy Gibson?

Games Managers – we need a bare minimum of 4 – we are not there yet!  Please let us know if you are willing to be trained as a games manager.  A training and refresher course for Games Managers is planned.

Lisa Henkel

Kristin Sesko

Rachel Velasquez

DRIMB Booster Agreement

Needs to be signed by the end of May and turned in.

We need more games managers.

We need to stop begging for people to work!  Show up when you are scheduled.

We need to have a summer bingo schedule filled out before the end of the school year.

We will be putting out a Bingo update with workers listed for the month of April/May.  It’s been too hard to get people to work each week.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm!


3/5/14 DRIMB Booster Meeting Minutes

3/5/14 DRIMB Booster Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order  by Lisa Henkel (DRIMB Booster President) at 7:00 pm.

Treasurer Report – Cindy O’Hara

End of Year Banquet Information

May 10, 2014 – Crystal Rose on County Line

$25.00 per person

Pictures are needed – general photos of students (orchestra, band, symphonic, guard) from this school year, and pictures of graduating seniors as well.  Use the Shutterfly link that was in the last weekly update to upload your photos, or go to: – upper right, click Sign in, UserID: – Passwd: drimb2014

Senior Scholarships

Applications are due April 4, 2014.  Copies of the application are available from Mr. Ewing.  Christine Crowley, Lisa Dubois, and Christy Senecaut have volunteered to be on the review committee.  We still need two more parents to volunteer.

Winter Guard Regional Competition – March 8, 2014

Dakota Ridge is hosting this event at Dakota Ridge.  We need to provide staff to run concessions and fill other shifts.  Most shifts are two hours long.  This is an excellent money making opportunity for the Guard and the DRIMB Booster organization.  Please sign up to work a shift or two.  Contact Carol Bickerton for more information. or at 303.884.7922

Chaperone for Spring Events

We still need three chaperones for Graduation, (2pm to around 10pm), one chaperone for the April 16 Orchestra Festival, and one chaperone for the April 24 Orchestra trip to Grand Junction.  The wheels on the bus do not go “round and round” without chaperones!  Sign up to chaperone with Linda Langemeier


Elections for the new 2014-2015 Board Members will be coming soon.  Please keep an eye out for information in the weekly updates.

Bingo Must-Go

Our next Bingo Must-Go is on April 4, 2014.  This will also be Senior Send-Off night at Bingo, with a party and fun for them!  Encourage your Senior student to go – even if it’s not their night to work Bingo.

State of the Union and Power Point Slide Show re: Bingo and the DRIMB Booster Agreement

Lisa Henkel reviewed the power point slide show with the Booster group.

Open Discussion/Questions – 15 minutes

Parents and students voiced questions regarding the proposed Booster Agreement


Ballots were distributed, and the vote was taken.


Two students tallied the results on the board in front of the Booster group.

78 people were in favor of the Booster Agreement

5 people voted to drop Bingo – write a check to pay for all Marching Band and class fees

2 people voted to drop Bingo and work on supplemental fundraising to pay for Marching Band fees

2 adutls volunteered to be trained as Games Manages for Bingo

58 adults declined to be trained as Games Managers

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

DRIMB Booster Meeting Minutes 10/2/13

State of the Union – Mr. Ewing

Friday, Oct. 18 is the Homecoming football game.  The band will be performing at half time.  The Homecoming Parade will take place on Friday, Oct. 18th at 1:00pm.  The school assembly is at 12:00pm, and then the parade will begin.  The band will be marching the parade route.  Middle school band students will join our marching band at Summit Ridge, and then march back to Dakota Ridge.  Senior recognition will take place at the Thursday, Oct. 31st football game.

Mr. Ewing will have a new class schedule for next year – two band classes will be created instead of one.  Course descriptions are being put together now.  Remind your students to keep up with their grades so that they will continue to be eligible to march!

Finances – Cindy O’Hara

Individual account balances are available.  All money has been distributed for this quarter.  Contact Cindy if you have any questions.

Families that still owe band or Booster fees will be contacted by letter.  If you have over-paid your fees, you will receive a reimbursement check.  If there is a hardship or discrepancy with any fees, please contact Cindy right away.


Pit pushing – we need a few more helpers to work pushing pit.  Men are needed to help move the heavy Drum Major podium, and other heavy equipment that goes down to the field.  Please contact Christine Crowley if you are available to help out.  Thank you Christine for organizing this!

Food for events is going great!  Thank you Maggie for your leadership!  A huge “thank you” also goes out from Maggie Foley to all the parents that have jumped in to help prepare or serve food.  Maggie will be putting together a couple of “snack bins” with granola bars, etc…. that will be available to students at events, in case they need something before or between meals.  Contact Maggie Foley if you have any questions or would like to help out with food.

Sit together!  Please try to sit together as a Dakota group at the competitions.  We can cheer really loud that way!

Parent Survey

We would like to have 50% complete the survey before we do anything with the information we have received.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey, and have your voice heard!


Bingo is doing well, and the $$ coming in is good.  However – we need more consistent staffing.  It’s very stressful for games managers to plan when no one signs up, or signs up at the last minute.  Please plan ahead and sign up on the bingo website.  New Bingo groups will be formed soon, to try to meet some of the student requests.  There will still be 11 students per group, and groups will work only one time/month.  Thank you to Kristin Sesko – our newest games manager!  We really appreciate your time!  Thanks also to Ami Hardy for keeping our Bingo program organized and running!

A Dakota Ridge Family Bingo night is being planned.  All Dakota band families are encouraged to attend and play.  We will attend a session run by the Lakewood HS Marching Band.

Other Fundraisers

Thank you to Lisa Collins for putting together a number of fundraising ideas.  Lisa will work to narrow down the list and a few will be selected for the band to participate in.  We appreciate your efforts!

Decorating for State

Christine Ives will be heading this for us!  Thank you!  Parents will be decorating the band room for the State Competition on Monday, Oct. 21st.  Please contact Christine if you would like to help out.  Help get our kids “fired up” for State!


Booster Meeting Minutes 9/4/13

9/4/13                   DRIMB Booster Meeting Minutes                                                            7:30pm

State of the Union – Mr. Ewing

  • If you still have questions regarding band fees, please contact Mr. Ewing
  • Class sizes for music are large this year!
  • Orchestra held string auditions on 9/3.  They went very well.
  • Marching Band is going great.  The kids love the show.
  • The Jeffco Marching Festival is on September 24 – Dakota Ridge plays at 7pm.
  • Mr. Ewing will post times for other competitions as soon as he gets them.
  • The hitch for the trailer needs to be repaired.  This will happen before September 24th.

Finances – Cindy O’Hara

  • Bingo profits are up!
  • 95% of students have paid their Booster fees so far.  We are off to a great start!
  • Distribution for King Soopers cards funds will go out next month.
  • Truck insurance has been paid.
  • A safe will be installed at Slammers bingo hall for Dakota Ridge.  Funds for this safe came from a progressive game night in June.
  • Thank you to Christy Senecault for volunteering as Assistant Treasurer!  Cindy and Christy will connect by the end of the month.
  • Next month we will share financial statements.

Opportunities to Help

  • Pit – Christine Crowley is managing the “pit pushers” this season.  Thank you!  Most of the games/events are covered at this time.   Christine sent around sign-ups for back-up as the # of pushers may be expanding.   We will try and convert the written pages to something post-able on the website.
  • Cheer – Noisemakers have been purchased and will be distributed at the football game on 9/6.  Thank you to Diana Cunningham for putting these together!  Please contact Diana or Christine Ives if you would like to get a noisemaker to use at games and competitions.  As parents, let’s all try to sit together at events so that we can cheer our students on!  Let’s make some NOISE!!
  • Show shirts – Show shirt orders may still be placed until 9/8.  Please contact Christine Ives if you want to order one.
  • Sweatshirts – Information will be coming soon about ordering Booster sweatshirts.  Dennis Foley will be taking care of this again this season.  Thank you!
  • Fall Festival
    • Set up is at 7:30am in the parking lot in front of the school.
    • The booth will have a music theme this year, with a bean bag toss, uniforms to try on, and drums to play.  We will also hold a raffle to win backpacks by purchasing bake sale items.  We need individually wrapped bake sale items.  Contact Lisa Henkel if you can help.


  • Bingo – we need parents to work the Friday 9/6 session because of the Football game.
    • New bingo groups were created so that students/families only work once a month.
    • Kristine Bain has volunteered to take over the purchasing of Bingo supplies.  Thank you very much!
    • We are still looking for someone to volunteer to make phone calls, do the Facebook update and contact group leaders before each session, to make sure that we are covered for each night.  Please contact Ami Hardy if you can help out with this.
    • We are still looking for more games managers, and someone to learn the process of Head Games manager.  Amy Hardy will be “graduating” from the program in the spring along with her daughter Shea.
  • Other Fundraisers –

King Soopers – Kathy Gibson is running this program.  Thank you!  Please contact Kathy if you would like to purchase a card.

  • Other Possible fundraising ideas – Yogurt Land, Texas Roadhouse, car wash
  • We need a Fund Raiser Coordinator – this person would create a list fundraisers, and coordinate a committee (as needed) to plan the fund raisers.  After the meeting, Lisa Collins volunteered for this!  Thank you!
  • New Business
    • Amanda Montemayor shared information about Winter Percussion and Winter Guard.  It’s going to be an exciting season!  Please contact Amanda for more information.

Submitted by Linda Langemeier – DRIMB Secretary