The Dakota Ridge Instrumental Music Program is very proud to be a staple in the Dakota Ridge and Littleton area community! We love partnering with local businesses and community members, and always appreciate support for our program.

There are many ways community members and local businesses can support our program:

  • Monetary donations to help offset the cost of running a successful band and orchestra instrumental program.
  • Food donations for hungry teenagers!
    • We feed the band/orchestra students at many different events and will accept nearly any food item for our program.
  • Donation of items/goods to our program
    • We can use almost any items! You’d be surprised what a music program can use.
    • Examples of goods include: Hardware/construction equipment, paint, pneumatic wheels/tires, instrument donations, food preparation/serving equipment, and many others!

In return for any donations, the Dakota Ridge High School Instrumental Music Program will happily advertise for your business/thank community members in various ways, including:

  • An advertisement in a concert program
  • An advertisement in our music newsletter
  • A “Thank You” sticker/window decal to be displayed at your business
  • Or any other creative way we can think of to help say “THANK YOU”!

Please contact Dylan Ford (Director of Instrument Music at DRHS) or any Booster member for more information about supporting our program!