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current school year meeting minutes

2017-2018 school year meeting minutes will be uploaded after each meeting.



Archived Meeting Minutes

Below are the meeting minutes from prior school year meetings.

Booster Board Meeting Minutes 4/6/16

Board Meeting Minutes: 4/6/16


Budget Review

  • Financials: Total expenses are at 79% with 2 months to go.
  • Uniforms have been purchased for Marching Band. Cost is $462/per uniform
  • Budget income is at 89%

Calendar Review

  • Kids leave Tuesday for Dayton. Using Chatfield HS trailer.  Need to make sure insurance and registration are in the truck. The truck leaves on Monday.


  • Banquet: 2 open spots to help with banquet planning. Need music for afterparty. (Mike will look into this)
  • Mike is going to look into payment options via mepay or volunteerspot. He will also determine meal choices.
  • Senior gifts: Beth is researching. Senior pictures should be uploaded to dropbox.  Mike will add this to newsletter.
  • Scholarships: Information is in calendar on website. Will put in weekly update and on Facebook.  Kids unsure of what essay should be about.  Due 4/21.  Need to set a date for essays to be reviewed.


  • Games Managers are Kristen Beason and Tom Walker. Still need Head Games manager.
  • Need to post instructions for pickle bar for people to work it. There may already be a checklist.
  • Board members: Still need Head Games Manager, another Games Manager or two and Uniform chairperson.
  • Head Games Manager duties are to renew license, point person for stats, help train and trouble shoot issues.

State Competition for Marching Band

  • Bus Company has not called Mike back with a price.
  • Rooms are booked at same hotel as last year.

New Business

  • Congratulations goes out to Winter Guard who took 7th
  • May 9th is fundraiser at Garlic Knot
  • April 21st concert has been changed to April 20th. Jeremy may not charge for this due to change.

Old Business

  • Marching Band Photo books have not been ordered yet-deadline extended until the 8th.
  • Freshman parent meeting is on May 11th.
  • Need to put together handouts for the parents. Need parent names for this.

Next meeting is kickoff meeting for Marching Band on May 11th.

Booster Meeting Minutes 3/9/2016

DRIMB Meeting Minutes 3/9/2016


Budget Review

  • Budgeted amount of $60K for new Marching Band uniforms has been reached.

Calendar Review

  • April 21st is the deadline for scholarship applications.
  • April 6th-Orchestra to Colorado Springs. Need 1 adult volunteer to ride bus and 1 to drive truck. 12:30
  • April 7-2 adult volunteers on buses/ 7am/ til 2pm.
  • Ewing wanting to charter bus for April 11th.
  • Greeley Jazz Fest-April 22.
  • April 20-Concert groups
  • Calendar is updated through the rest of the school year.


  • No Bingo sessions will be held on Easter.
  • April 1st is the next Must Go.

Board Position replacements

  • Beth Sales nominated for President
  • Carrie Brestel nominated for Vice President
  • Christine Ives volunteered to be new Secretary
  • Treasurer-Tom Walker
  • Bingo Bookkeeper-Nancy Walker
  • Food Chair-Christine Crowley
  • Kristine Bain volunteered to be Parent Membership Chair
  • New Position-Equipment Chair(repair & maintenance is Jim Sales
  • Still open are: Head Games Manager and 1 or 2 games managers, and Uniform Chair



  • Several parents volunteered to participate on Banquet committee.
  • Scholarship applications will be reviewed by committee. (Should not be senior parents.)
  • Mitchell has completed a book through Shutterfly and is working out group purchasing opportunities.

New Business

  • Parents interested in future fundraising events, ie; car wash, Garlic Knot, other??
  • Ewing will create email list for incoming Freshman.
  • Will find out from Ms. Cavalier how many students are coming in.
  • Freshman Parent meeting-kickoff in May
  • Need cover page for Marching Band Kickoff information to tell about Band’s success.
  • 2-3 minute video for Freshman Parent Meeting.


Next Booster/Board Meeting 4/6/2016

Booster Meeting Minutes 1/13/2016

Booster Meeting Minutes – 1/13/2016


Finances – Mike went over finances YTD.  Everything seems to be right on track with the exception of one minor discrepancy as far as Bingo.  Expenses didn’t appear to be correct and he will look into that to see if there is any issues.

Over on food budget by approximately $600.

Calendar Review – Looking at March 5th and 12th events that will require volunteer efforts to cover events for both Winter Guard and Winter Percussion.  Both will be put up on  Everyone was reminded to keep an eye on the website for calendar information.

Bingo – Mike said we still need to get a minimum of 4 Games Managers fully trained by end of March or we face the possibility of losing that fundraiser, or at the very least, giving up one of the days.  Sundays are equally as important as Fridays as it affects Must-Go’s.

  • Carrie Brestel is doing well with her training. Michelle McCarthy is learning cashier duties.
  • How do we get kids to commit to working Bingo? State says money has to be equally divided among students regardless of who works more hours.
  • Funds pay Orchestra staff and a scholarship. Should they be helping the Bingo fundraiser?
  • Should Charter be revised?
  • April is the next Must-Go.

Board Positions – Need to find new President.  Mike and Joan will be senior parents.  Bylaws state that a senior parent cannot be President.

  • Also need Head Games Manager, Uniforms and Food chairpersons.

Volunteer Needs – March 5th and March 12th.

Old/New Business

  • Old: Taxes are filed for 2015 and 2014. 2013 was never done-Kristin will send that statement in as well. It shouldn’t be a problem because we don’t pay taxes, therefore there’s no interest.
  • Uniform budget is currently at $54,747. Mr. Ewing is coming up with design for new uniform in which we should receive sample uniform a month after it’s finalized. Looking at having new uniforms by sometime in August.
    • New: Need a committee for Banquet ideas. Also looking into Banquet payments to be done through Volunteerspot OR 2 people to collect the money and create list.  People showed up to Banquet last year that said they paid but were not on the list.
    • CDOT inspection on truck has already been handled by Christy.

Next Booster Board meeting scheduled for Feb. 3rd at 6pm.


Booster Board Meeting Minutes 11/11/2015

Board Minutes – 11/11/2015


Budget Review:

  • Marching Band fees collected: 92%. Christy will follow up one more time with parents that still owe.  Question: Can we apply to school accounts?  Ewing says we can.  Other possibilities to collect, don’t allow the students that still owe to play in Winter Percussion.
  • Bingo – halfway through fiscal year, at 51% of budgeted amount.
  • Total expenses at 54%, Total income at 53%.

Calendar Review:

  • Rachel is in charge of WGI and will need to recruit volunteers to help with the event.
  • Fall Instrumental Concert – 11/18 – need 2 volunteers to sell tickets.


  • Still need Games Managers – ask people if they’re interested. Carrie will contact those who expressed interest at the beginning of Marching Band season.
  • Need to pick winners for student raffle.
  • Committee is needed to discuss and determine rewarding volunteers for Bingo.

Board Members – Vacating positions and Backfilling:

  • We need to start thinking about which positions are going to be vacated in June and who would like to be nominated for those positions.
  • Begin “grooming” volunteers.


  • Volunteerspot has run its test phase and was successful. It will likely be more successful in the future since people are getting used to it and since the other sign up link on DR website has been broken. (Some were still using it to sign up during the season.)

Old Business:

  • Taxes – Kristin working on them. She said they will be done before the end of the year.
  • RMPA Regionals – Amanda said March 5th is a good date to host regionals for Winter Percussion at Dakota Ridge. She would like to do fundraisers and possibly take some Bingo nights to raise money to help fund Winter Percussion.

New Business:

  • Banquet:
  • Holiday Inn at Wadsworth and Hampden has been booked for Banquet on Saturday, May 7th, 2016.
  • Beth may be able to set up a pay site with Volunteerspot to better track how many are going and who has paid.
  • Do cut-outs from pictures again to decorate tables?
  • Need to establish a Banquet committee to come up with ideas.
  • Mitchell and Roger to put together slide show?
  • Guard and Winter Percussion:
  • We have and increase of interested students this year.
  • Amanda is doing auditions for kids from 3 schools.
  • The cost can potentially be $1700 per student without the help of the Boosters.
  • Amanda would like to do fundraisers including; Bingo, Go-Fund-Me, etc.
  • $40-50K budget for possibly up to 40 kids.

Board Meeting Minutes 10-14-2015

  1. Budget Review
    1. Items purchased, ie; new sound card, bike racks, bike tires, etc. came out of Booster budget.
    2. Fundraiser was enough to pay for show shirts and guard uniforms.
    3. Christy: 10 people still need to pay Marching Band Fees.
    4. Bylaws on Spending: Ok with cash flow and balance.
      1. Beth: A process is needed for budget-to purchase items and submit receipts.
    5. Update on uniform funds.
      1. Currently there is $53,742 in uniform fund. (Est. uniforms approx.. 50k.)
      2. Kristen: If we want new uniforms for next year, need to start now.
        1. Action: Kristen will look on line for estimates.
      3. Calendar Review
        1. State Competition 10/23-10/24

Opted to use meeting room at hotel for meal and Senior Circle.

Mr. Ewing working on room list.

  1. Senior Recognition

Need volunteer to purchase flowers for Senior Recognition.

Steve Eaton and Mitchell Brinkhuis will do photos.

To be done on November 5 or October 29?? Opted for October 29 after concert for band. Reception afterward.  Rehearsal is 3 – 4:30.

  1. Bingo
    1. Games Managers

Ron Hopp began learning(not sure if training is complete)

Carrie Brestel is also learning the position.

Carol Morris also volunteered.

Kristen S. will make phone calls to those that expressed interest since the emails have not received a response.

Kristen: Some schools allow fees for students to be lower for working bingo??

Need to break link on music web page so people don’t sign up there.

  1. Raffle for students
    1. Didn’t work to draw students in. Neither did Section Leader promotion.
  2. Coverage for Football games/State Finals

Football games will need to be covered by parents and the decision was made to give away the Friday Session the weekend of State but the following Sunday session will still need covered.

  1. Chair Person/Board Members
    1. As season progresses look for individuals that are outgoing and willing to help
      1. Need to fill Uniforms position for next year. Possibly co-chair some positions.
      2. Beth and Peggy have spent a lot of time, including work time to plan meals.
  • Christine planning State meals.
  1. Volunteerspot
    1. Should we take off of facebook to direct people to go to Volunteerspot?
      1. Opted to keep it because the link allows volunteers to view all sign-up spots.
      2. Some volunteers don’t sign up and show up to push pit so they get in free. (easiest position to fill) Needs to be more controlled.
    2. State Competition
      1. Need information on meds, allergies, any special needs for students.
      2. Kids may not leave rooms at night, doors will be taped after Senior circle.
      3. Hotel is Comfort Suites on Frontage Rd.



  1. New or Old Business to Discuss

Old Business


Only about 10 students have not turned in $300 fees.



New Business


Will have Taco Bar at Bingo Must-Go.


Band room decorations to be done Saturday, October 17 at 10:00 a.m.





Wreaths – Beth emailed fundraiser to last years’ Winter Percussion group

Chocolate Bars – January

Butter Braids – March

Garlic Knot : 11/3/15 – $10 all you can eat and drink, the will give back 50% of total spent. Should we have school secretary send email to feeder schools?

Barnes and Noble – 11/17/15 – Need details but Jazz band will perform



Next Meeting Date and Time – 11/11/15 6pm

Board Meeting Minutes 9-9-15

2015-16 DRIMB Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2015

  1. Budget Review
    1. With success of online fund raiser should we decrease budget for Uniform/props
      1. Online fund raiser to cover props and additional uniform items?

Question will be asked of Mr. Ewing

  1. Question on purchasing items – Is there an amount that the board has to approve?

Mike will review Bylaws – just want to make sure we are doing things correctly.

  1. Calendar Review
    1. Football games – Bingo Coverage/Food

Peggy will work with Beth to get things set up and make sure there are enough volunteers Pizza, drinks and salad is planned

  1. Festivals – Do we need chaperones for the festivals? Volunteer spot items?

This item is on already

  1. Senior Recognition – Flowers, Pictures, 10/9 Football Game?

This will happen at the Nov. 5th Football Game at halftime- Marching Band Seniors only – Mitchell Brinkhuis and Conner Eaton’s Parents to take Senior Photos


Need someone to purchase roses for Seniors (will need a count)


  1. State Competition – Bingo Coverage, Start asking for Chaperones now? already set up for this

  1. WGI color guard regional on March 12th, 2016. Info received from Carol B
    1. Looking for lead person

Rachel Runs has volunteered to head this up. Mike will send her info from Carol Bickerton

  1. Bingo
    1. Section leaders need to fill bingo spots

Kurt Sesko will work with section leaders make this happen.

  1. Raffle for students – rules review for workers and pick start date
    1. When to roll out to students – Can Kurt Sesko do that?

Kurt S will roll out rules to students will start right away and make it retro back to start of September

  1. Games managers – Need to follow up. Mike has sent two emails with info but has not heard back from anyone. Ron Hopp has started training.

Kristen S. will make phone calls to those that expressed interest since the emails have not received a response



  1. Coverage for Football games/State Finals

Football games will need to be covered by parents and the decision was made to give away the Friday Session the weekend of State but the following Sunday session will still need covered.

  1. Chair Person/Board Members
    1. As season progresses look for individuals that are outgoing and willing to help
    2. Start grooming them to take over your spot if you are a senior parent

Do your best to help get new parents involved and possibly create notebook of responsibilities that can be used to train a new person.

  1. Food Discussion
    1. Upcoming football games – Need help? Already Covered?

See #3d above

  1. State Competition
    1. Senior Circle – need to find a place to accommodate the group.
    2. Can Senior Circle be done at a different time?
    3. If we cannot find meeting place, we may need alternative food venue.

Lisa feels like we should be able to make it work inside hotel. She may take a trip up to Ft. Collins to check it out. However, hotel is okay with us getting a tent set up just need to decide if the cost is worth it. The most reasonable rate was around $1200 for set up on 10/23 and tear down on 10/24 this includes Tent, Tables and Chairs for 100 people, heaters and lights.


  1. Volunteer Needs
    1. What do we need help with?

Jeffco Festival – Rachel R. and Mike Sandoval will tag team the other volunteer spot for the Jeffco Festival


  1. New or Old Business to Discuss

Old Business


Only about 10 students have not turned in $300 fees.


Spirit Wear orders were placed, around $2000 of items were ordered. Not really one big selling item but a         variety of items were ordered.  Thank you to Linda Langemeier.


New Business


New uniform tops cost about $105 per student, Mr.  Ewing’s fund raiser should cover. He made mention that Booster may have to make initial payment depending on when he gets funds from Fund Raising company.


Pictures for Band Buttons will be taken at the 9/17 Football Game. Need to send Mr. Ewing a reminder.


A request for a 2nd Debit card was made to help with food purchases for Football games.


Bikes need to be present at the 9/17 and 10/9 Football games – Mike and Joan to transport


Kristen Sesko and Christy Senecaut have been working through the 2014 Taxes and made great progress. A couple of questions on mission statement and other items still to be confirmed. Then we should be caught up.


Send Bylaws to Kristen – Mike will do this.


Next Must go will be Friday October 30th – all hands on deck.


Two fund raisers coming up that we need to advertise

Garlic Knot : 11/3/15 – $10 all you can eat and drink, the will give back 50% of total spent

Barnes and Noble – 11/17/15 – Need details but Jazz band will perform


Question was asked about possibility of getting on to the field for photos – Discussion was had and conclusion was that it was possible at the Football games and dress rehearsals at school but not at the competitions.


March 19th, 2016 – Possibility of an RMPA show being held at Dakota. Mr. Ewing has school reserved in case this becomes a reality.


  1. Next Meeting Date and Time – 10/14/15 6pm Choir Room

8/12/15 Board Meeting Minutes

2015-16 DRIMB Board Meeting

Meeting Agenda

12 August 2015

  1. Calendar Review
    1. Regular Meeting Schedule – Board and Booster – Where and when each month
      1. Board Meeting will be 2nd Wednesday of each month in the band room at 6pm
      2. Booster meeting will be at 7pm following the board meeting
    2. Upcoming events – volunteer needs
      1. Two parent volunteers needed on 9-21 from 4pm-9pm to help run Jeffco Festival event. These two parent volunteers will not be able to watch the event, they will be busy running for judges, selling tickets, manning the gates etc.
    3. WGI color guard regional on March 12th, 2016. Contacted
      1. Mike contacted Carol Bickerton for details. More to come regarding needs for this event
    4. Bingo
      1. Ewing requested updated on how well the section leaders are following through with bingo
        1. Kurt Sesko feels that the section leaders are ramping it up and now that school has started we should see an improvement in Bingo Worker attendance
          1. The students need some instruction on using
        2. Participation – how do we increase sign up?
          1. Original idea was to use punch cards and “reward” students for showing up Band Student Leadership came up with alternate idea
          2. New idea – drop a ticket for each working participant into a bucket and do a drawing each month, semester, year. Kristen Sesko was going to work on the rules for the raffle
  • Suggestion was made to give students an extra ticket to students who actually sign up and show up and only one ticket for those who show up and didn’t sign up
  1. Games managers – info and links sent to Hopps, Collins, so far.
    1. There are additional people interested in becoming Games Managers and once Mike receives the updated roster list from Beth, more information will be sent out.
  2. Uniform Discussion
    1. Update?
      1. There was a great turnout to measure and Kristen was incredible. Only a few more students to measure.
    2. Food Discussion
      1. BBQ this weekend
        1. BBQ and Parent’s meeting was successful
      2. Parent Meeting
        1. Sign up sheet ready?
          1. Sign up sheets were a big hit. Had several people sign up on each sheet.
          2. Each team lead can contact help and get the ball rolling
  • Need to start prepping non-senior parents to take the lead on the teams
  1. com
    1. Successfully demonstrated and everyone seemed to understand how to use it.


  1. State Competition
    1. Senior Circle – need to find a place to accommodate the group.
      1. This was tabled at this time
      2. Mike and Lisa H. Discussed and a few phone calls were made. One to find out how much more a different hotel that can accommodate our group would cost and another to get a cost of renting a tent, tables, chairs, lights and heaters to be set up in the parking lot or grass area.
  • More to come. . .
  1. Volunteer Needs
    1. Website Administrator
      1. Mr. Ewing does all the updates to the site.
      2. Cricket Harris volunteered to do this. Mike will send Mr. Ewing her contact information.
    2. Bike Rack ??? to transport bikes to and from events – some costs were collected.
      1. After speaking to an expert at Rack Attack the cost to add a bike rack to the trailer would be around $2300. However, he thought the weight of the bikes was too much for the top of trailer.
      2. Mike and Joan will volunteer their truck with the help of Bret Cottrell to purchase a rack for the trailer hitch and construct a rack for inside the bed to accommodate all of the bikes. Cost: less than $500.
    3. Any New or Old Business to Discuss
      1. Instructors at Bingo
        1. Mike asked Mr. Ewing to talk to his team to see if they would be willing to show up at some bingo sessions throughout the season just to show the students some support. They will not have to stay the entire session but show up and talk to the kids and sell some pickles.
      2. Taxes-
        1. Taxes have not yet been filed but they need to be in order to keep our 501C3 status intact.
        2. Kristen Sesko will give Christy S. a tax lawyer’s name to get the process started.
      3. Spirit Wear
        1. Linda L. brought several samples for us to review. Great choice of items and pricing is not too bad. Great job putting this together. There were several orders placed and several order forms taken during the parent meeting/BBQ.
      4. Photo Buttons
        1. Photos will be taken at the 1st football game on the 17th of September. Then the buttons can be created. Linda has all of the materials for this project.
      5. Next Meeting Date and Time
        1. September 9th, 6pm in the band room

7/16/15 Board Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Mike and Joan Sandoval, Beth and Jim Sale, Christy and Sean Senecaut, Kristin Sesko, Lisa Henkel, Linda Langemeier, Judy Clayburg, Christine Crowley

Calendar Review

August Board meeting will be held at the Sale home on Wednesday Aug. 12th at 6:30pm (Beth and Jim will send address for meeting)

Parent meeting at school at 4pm

All agreed hold board meeting the 2nd Wed. of each month at the school with the parent meeting directly following.  6pm board meeting 7pm parent meeting (Starting in September)

WGI Color Guard Regional – $2500-$3000 fund raiser (usually comes to us in two checks)

Mike to contact Carol Bickerton to gather past info and contact names and numbers

Start getting volunteer requests out, the earlier the better

Budget Discussion

Budget was reviewed and updated for this season – copy in email attachments

Mike will discuss budget with Ewing – who covers what, what his budget covers what boosters cover

Pit orchestra staff monies (1500) added to staff line item

New uniforms and props- new line item added to budget


Kristen will provide update from Kurt on section leader follow through on Bingo to send to Mr. Ewing

How do we increase participation?

Let parent know they are welcome and needed

Provide an understanding of the process to alleviate the mystery around it

Do a Bingo social –  as a group attend a bingo session run by another group and actually

play bingo to see what it is all about

Add pictures to parent presentation and maybe a bingo game throughout the meeting

Make it a contest with a good prize by section. Most participants by section will win

Working a bingo session could count toward practice log hours or possibly extra credit in class (mike to talk to ewing)

Frequent worker punch card. One punch per session. work XX sessions an get a prize

Contest by sections – most pickles sold, most attendance etc.

Games Manager

Try to get one games mgr per sections – this would decrease the frequency of sessions each games mgr. would have to work

Lisa will continue to work on Ron Hopp to see if he is interested

Mike Sandoval has taken the training and sent in paperwork


Uniforms are at cleaners now

August 6th and 7th for fittings. Having a sewing machine available is helpful. Setting up in room with door is helpful

New kids  get measured and items are ordered from separate company

Ewing is working on show shirts

Beth Sale will provide volunteer list to Linda L to contact

We need to start recruiting new leads since our current leaders are Senior parents

Linda L will work on setting up teams of people to help during competitions and games


Judy Benjamin has backed out as food lead

Christine Crowley has agreed to take this on and will handle all food related items. Festivals, competitions, etc.

Christine cannot cover band camp week and would prefer NOT to do  Football game days but could do something simple if needed (ie. Pizzas)

Email sent to Peggy Brinkhuis to see if she would coordinate band camp week

Taco bar

Pasta bar

Beth will send Christine list of names interested in helping

Will provide Christine’s email address to parents at meeting for questions

Make sure kids know they cannot leave campus during camp and that parent’s can bring food to them.

Kristin Sesko will speak with Kurt to see if he is interested in planning band bbq on 8-8

If this happens – boosters will donate meat and buns and then pot luck by section; desserts, drinks, side salad, condiments etc.

Possibly bring in popsicles or ice cream or fruit on hot band camp days

Parent meetings

Sign up sheets at Parent meeting – Jim Sale will print off large poster size signup sheets to hang around the auditorium for people to provide contact information for areas they are interested in. Bingo, games mgr, pit push, equipment maintenance, uniforms, food prep and serve, truck driver, adopt a parent, desserts, jr. board member,  fund raisers, color guard, chaperones,

Social gatherings for new parents – seasoned parents can invite new parents and students to dinner, happy hour, etc. to help ease any concerns

Break up parent meetings into sections – pit, flutes, brass, percussion etc to aid in meeting people in your child’s section – need to make seating signs

Provide names of the staff

Hand out copies of welcome powerpoint so parents can take notes and have info in hand

Adopt a parent – once roster is complete, the list will be separated by section and each board member will contact people to ease concerns

Overall discussion

Buses for State competition are ordered

Hotels are booked, Lisa is continuing search for better seating/food area

Comfort suites – all doubles, 6 king rooms for instructors, couple of suites

Make sure that people understand that the Booster group is more than just Marching Band

Include freshmen and drama kids, orchestra

What would you like to see?

More participation from parents  – make sure they know they are needed and welcom

Instead of talking about all the work and time, spin it in positive light – spend time with kids, see the progress they are making and all the new friends,

Mr. Ewing and teachers attend a session or two of Bingo – Just to be part of the group and lead by example

Organized group seating at competitions so entire band family can sit and root together

Fanware –  shirts, hats, hoodies, sweats that people can purchase to support the band – Linda L will look into this.

Hot chocolate night at a game with cold weather

Other to coordinate all of our volunteer needs –$ 210.00 for up to 500 subscribers

Reach out drama kids to cover Bingo during football games and State competition


Trailer repairs, truck maintenance and paint touch up, and build a water cart, build new sound cart w/generator side car

Meeting Minutes 4-8-2015

4/8/2015  DRIMB Booster Meeting Minutes



Finances – Lisa Henkel (for Christy Senecaut)

Financial goals are ahead of schedule due to Bingo MUST GO’s!

Boosters are able to fund 3-$1000 scholarships to Seniors. (Will be given at Banquet)

  • Need 4 person scholarship committee. Beth Sale and Linda Langemeier volunteered.

Carol Bickerton made a motion to give a portion of income from concessions at the WGI Guard competition to Marching Band to be put toward the uniform fund.  It was voted on and passed.  Thank you Carol!

Fundraisers – Lisa, Kristin Sesko

May 15 is the next MUST GO.

Parents to work Bingo May 22nd

Need to create Bingo sign up sheets for the Summer.

May 30th will be a fundraising carwash across from Fun City

Banquet information – Lisa

The venue for the banquet this year will be at the Golden Crystal Rose.  The location used last year is closed.

Pictures are needed for 2 slideshows, one of all Band and Orchestra students and another for Seniors.

Students Lindsay and Tori are helping to plan.

Chaperones are needed for the After party.

Elections – Lisa

Elections are postponed until the May Booster meeting due to lack of parent participation at the April meeting.  We are still looking for Food Chair, Games Manager, President, Vice President, Assistant Treasurer.

Drums Along the Rockies – Linda Langemeier

Drum clinic (Day of Percussion) from 9 to 4 will replace High School Drumline battle. Cost is $20 for tickets and $25 for Day of Percussion.  Ticket orders are due by May 4, checks payable to DRIMB.

Opportunities – Mr Ewing

  • Section Leader applicants April 24 – May 8
  • Organize sections to work Bingo
  • Try outs – Run a Sectional and interview

Chaperones needed

  • 1 Wednesday, April 15
  • 3 for Graduation – May 22 (Bellco Theatre)
  • Band Concert – April 23rd
  • Performance at Summit Ridge-Guard/Percussion – April 27th (to run DRMusic information table)

July 2014

DRIMB Booster Meeting Minutes – 7/14


The meeting was called to order by Lisa Henkel (DRIMB Booster President)



Proposal for Performance Arts

  • Needs flying system for play production
  • $5000 for equipment rental
  • Request to supplement fundraising money by working Bingo sessions

Staff Budget

  • Board unanimously voted to pay 2 people assisting with this year’s Marching Band performance
  • Financial Status
  • Will review finances and acknowledgement Sat. Aug. 16th in auditorium
  • Request for volunteer roles; uniforms, food, pit
  • Set up URL for food sign up
  • Information night: talk about calendar, website, fundraising, finances, facebook
  • 73 Marching Band students-down from previous years
  • Will bring sign-up sheets to parent meeting

Parent Social Events

  • BBQ
  • Parent Bingo Night
  • Parent meeting 8/16


DRIMB Booster meeting minutes 5/7/14
DRIMB Booster Meeting Minutes – 5/7/14
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Lisa Henkel (DRIMB Booster President)
Account funds are tight in all areas.
All King Soopers funds have been distributed by Kathy Gibson.
The Instrumental Music truck needed $3,800 worth of repairs this spring.
Operating fund is a bit low because of the repairs.
Staff salary is fine through Marching Band season.
Money set aside in the new uniform fund is up to $14,000.00.  The Booster program will look to purchase new uniforms within 2-3 years.
Saturday, May 10
Arrive at 6:00 pm to check in.  The banquet will begin at 6:30 pm.
Graduation – May 23rd. Laura Romig and Linda Langemeier will chaperone.  Bingo is also being held that night.  Some students will need to work bingo instead of playing at the graduation ceremony.  Mr. Ewing will help facilitate this.
Summer Schedule
The summer practice/rehearsal schedule for Marching Band is up on the website calendar  –
Freshman Orientation
Board members will speak at the spring concert at Summit Ridge… incoming freshman MB students will be invited to participate in the Car Wash.
There are only two games managers and one in training.  This is NOT enough to continue to make the bingo program (the major fundraiser for the Instrumental Music program) work.
Student bingo groups will go back to “sections” instead of random groups.  This will start in June.
Moving Day
May 29, 9 am-1 pm
All equipment will need to be moved to Summit Ridge for summer rehearsals.  Dakota Ridge will not be available for band camp, etc… so band camp will be held at Summit Ridge.
Bingo Agreement
Five band students had met with Lisa Henkel earlier in the week regarding their concerns about the agreement.  Tori Gibson spoke for the group, and shared their agenda at the meeting.
There was a general group discussion regarding alternatives and suggestions to improve/change the contract idea.
There is concern that summer bingo won’t be  covered without some kind of contract or accountability in place– as only 20% of the marching/music program students/parents participate in Bingo fundraising.
As it stands now, with only two games managers in place – Lisa Henkel and Kristin Sesko – they will have to work bingo every other weekend this summer to continue the program.  Nancy Hauser is in training as a third games manager. (Still not enough games managers to function well.)
A motion was made to table the bingo agreement contract until June 1st.  Smaller group discussion/meetings will need to be held by those interested parties to come up with solutions to make the program work.  Come one, come all, and be a part of the discussion.  Contact Lisa Henkel.
Elections – Voted and Approved
President – Lisa Henkel
Vice President – Christine Ives
Treasurer – Christy Senecaut
Secretary – Judi Clayburg
Head Games Manager – Kristin Sesko
Non-Board Positions
Assistant Treasurer – Diana Cunningham
Food Coordinator – Maggie Foley
Fund Raising Coordinator (King Soopers) – Kathy Gibson
Thank you to all of these parents for volunteering their time and talents to the DRIMB program.  You are appreciated!
We still need someone to be the Uniform Coordinator, and we need more games managers for Bingo.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.